Pool Drain and Refill

Pool Drain and RefillPool_draining

Most pool owners don’t realize that over time there pool water will stop absorbing the chemicals needed to keep it fresh brite and blue.  Clear Brite Pools can help!  If you use our regular pool maintenance services we will let you know when its time to do a Pool Drain and Refill but we can also do this on a one time basis if you want to guarantee the job gets done right!  After we’ve drained the old water and cleaned the pool (if needed) we will then add fresh water and the correct chemical balance to your pool.  If you live in Maricopa County and need your pool drained, give us a call and get a Free Estimate!’


Give us a call and we’d be glad to explain our pool drain and pool refilling process.  You need a pool company that will only suggest you need to drain your pool water when its actually necessary and not just to get more work.   Did you know its possible to create cracks in your pool wall if you do not drain your pool properly?  Don’t leave it to chance, call us today!


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