Green Pool Clean Up

Do you have a Green Pool that needs to be cleaned?

Unfortunately having a swimming pool that turns into a swampy Green Pool is more common than you might think, and is caused by not treating your pool properly.

A green pool is an eyesore and it’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other nasty bacteria that pose a risk to your health and safety, you need a pool company in Phoenix Arizona.  If your green pool sits for too long it can stain the plaster of your pool and then you will have to drain the pool in order to apply a chemical bath to remove the stain.   If you call Clear Brite Pools in time you might not even have to drain the pool, we treat Green Pools based on how bad they are.  A rule of thumb is that if you can see the bottom of your pool you have a chance of getting away with a chemical shock instead of a full pool drain and refill.

We are used to dealing with Green Pool Problems in Phoenix Arizona and can determine the best approach for solving the green algae issue.  We offer two different services to solve your green pool algae problem, among other Pool Services.


Chemical Shock and CleaningThis means we chlorinate the water to kill off all algae and bacteria. If your pool is really dirty it may require gallons of liquid chlorine over the course of days before the water starts to clear up.  Aside from shocking the water we will also have to clean your filters and backwash so the pool system doesn’t get clogged.  Its very important that you let a professional handle this for you unless you have prior experience.  After we get rid of all the Green Algae we will re-balance the pools chemical balance to a healthy level. 


Full Green Pool Clean UP – If you cannot see the bottom of your pool chances are we will have to drain the pool instead of just “Shocking” the pool.  After the water is drained and all the debris is cleaned out we preform a Chlorine wash to kill all the algae and bacteria.  If your green pool has been left untreated long enough you might also see stains after the pool is drained, stains are not always removed by Chlorine and will most likely need an Acid Bath to remove.   After the Pool is washed we will then refill your water and balance the water chemical levels.  This might sound like a huge job but we do this on a pool-cleaning_Chemicalsdaily basis and can handle the job for you without causing any headaches!

A common misconception is that swimming pool algae is caused only by a lack of chlorine.  Although a lack of chlorine can cause an algae bloom to occur there are usually other causes that assist in the Algae bloom

TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS:  Pool water slowly builds up an excessive amount of mineral and chemical residue that prevent the water from being properly balanced.  This usually happens when total dissolved solids reach approximately 2000 ppm.  On average this occurs every 3-5 years.  Draining the pool is necessary to remedy this.

PHOSPHATE LEVELS: Phosphates are a big contributor to the production of algae in a pool. Phosphate readings will go up when organic material such as fertilizers, leaves, dirt mix with your pool.  The presence of phosphates in a pool can cause accelerated algae growth as they area a food for algae.  Levels should be kept below 100 ppm at all times.





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