Acid and Chlorine Pool Washes

Chlorine and Acid Pool Washes

When your pool is getting proper cleaning and maintenance you can avoid unnecessary Acid Washes and Chlorine Washes for your pool.  Acid And Chlorine Washes are pool services you would need when your pool is dirty enough that the pool water needs to be drained.  They are done in empty pools.

Chlorine WashChlorine-wash

A chlorine wash is most commonly used during Green Pool Clean ups and requires us to drain your pool.  Pool owners struggle with Green Pools most commonly in the summer months but your pools water chemistry can cause algae to grow at any time of the year in Arizona.   A Chlorine wash is only used to kill bacteria that is growing in your pool, it basically disinfects everything allowing you to start over with a fresh clean pool!

The process can take a few days and starts with us pumping out the water in your pool depending on the size this can take upwards of 24 hours.  After the water has been drained the chlorine wash starts.  We use several gallons of liquid chlorine which we pour onto the pool walls and bottom.  Then we scrub the entire pool insuring that all contaminants are killed.  A Chlorine wash will destroy all bacteria and spores but won’t remove all stains.  To remove stains you will most likely need an Acid Wash.  If you use our Weekly pool cleaning services your chances of having a green pool go way down.

Acid Wash for your poolpool-acid-wash

An acid wash also requires draining your pool and literally removes a layer of plaster from the walls, so it’s not something we recommend on a regular yearly basis, but if there is calcium build up, discoloration or staining then an acid wash will be needed to restore your pool back to new.  If you get our Regular Pool Cleaning and Maintenance then you should only have to get an acid wash every 3-5 years.

These pool maintenance services should be provided by professionals.   The certified pool technicians at Clear Brite Pools are trained in the application of these chemicals and they wear appropriate clothing and  masks during usage of these chemicals.  We take great care in containing the cleaning agents and providing you with a safe environment.  We are always looking for new and safer products to use on your pool.  Ask us about some of the ways you can upgrade your pool equipment to become more environmentally friendly, save money by being more efficient and most importantly safer for you and your family.



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