New Pool Start Up and Pool Opening

Pool Start Up and Pool Opening Services

There are 2 different new pool start up services we offer.

1. Full Pool System Installation and Pool Start Up

2. Pre-Installed Pool System – Pool Start Up

When you want us to install your entire pool system we will work directly with you to figure out what the best equipment will be to meet your needs.  We then install all the equipment and insure everything New_pool_equipment_1is in proper working condition.  After the system is installed the pool start up can begin.

Whether you just built a new pool or are having your old pool remodeled its important to get the pool filled up and stabilized correctly.  Contrary to some peoples beliefs its not as easy as turning on your garden hose and filling up the water.  That is part of it but 1. you might not want to use the water from your hose 2. the water has to be treated properly so your pool doesn’t turn into a cesspool.


The main objective in a new pool start-up is to clear or get rid of the plaster dust, and to stabilize the water chemistry in the pool as soon as possible.  The first 30 days of plaster curing are the most critical but the need for proper water chemistry and regular pool maintenance continues for the life of the pool which is something that starts by doing it right from the beginning.

Its important to have a company that knows what they are doing when your getting your pool equipment set up and starting the system for the first time.  There are steps you must take to insure everything is working properly and you must know which steps to preform before the others.  At what point do you turn on the pool system?  How long should it stay on for?  At what point do you add the chemicals?  What are the best chemicals to use?  How can i tell if my pool system is working properly? These are all questions you don’t have to worry about when  you use Clear Brite Pools to start up your pool!



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